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I’ve spent many years becoming intimate with essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils are the oils that I really love and trust. I use them daily and I use them very freely with my entire family and they’ve kept us healthier and happier since we’ve made them a part of our lives. This blog functions as my devotion to wellness and the knowledge I’ve gained. It houses loads of information I like to share, and deets I want to be able to reference down the road.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch our vids on how to enhance your wellness. We have videos showcasing products we concoct as well as herbs, essential oils, supplements, etc on various topics that you incorporate into your everyday life.

If you like what you’re reading and seeing and want to get some oils for yourself or chat about specifics, please contact me and I’ll hook you up! You can visit my oil store for more information or place an order.

If you feel like you have an aversion to Network Marketing please just contact me directly. If you set up an account as a member you’ll get a wholesale discount for life. If you’re more of a retail shopper that’s fine too. Either way, shoot me a message and we’ll sort out whatever you might need.

If you are visiting to find past posts regarding oils, please use the ‘search function’ above, especially if you know I’ve posted about it before.

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