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So I guess I lied when I said I’d only be featuring other Crafty Mamas. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my extremely talented friend Andy’s new Going to Seed Etsy Shop. Andy has been a big part of our lives over the years. We spent many an evening crafting way back in the day when the Sharing Shack was established. It was an evening we’d have once a week or so to share our talents with one another and teach our friends how to do some of the things that we skilled at. It was the perfect way to see our friends, eat delicious food, share libations and do something productive together. Then we all had kids and it was impossible to find an indoor space big enough to accommodate the masses.

Andy has always had a creative eye. He was a writer for our local indy paper when I met him. He almost always had his Super 8 camera with him when we’d have gatherings. He’s dabbled in numerous film projects and has several done amazing things. I love this video he made for my husband’s band Volumen several years ago. As for the silhouettes pictured above I quote Andy, “I started cutting silhouettes in 2004 by making stop-motion music videos for rock band the Decemberists, and have since branched out into prints, silkscreen design and, most recently, nightlights. Every nightlight is handmade and unique: no two quite the same, and all are ready to plug right in. Prints are done on archival paper, matted and ready to frame, signed or unsigned as you like. ”

We have art in our home that Andy has created, we have art at our store that Andy has created, and every piece that I’ve seen I love. Andy has a special place in our hearts & I really wanted to share, so check out his Etsy shop if you have a minute. I should probably give some props to his wife Joanna who is one crafty Mama, without her he wouldn’t have is britches on straight. Ooh and if you happen to be passing by Blackbird Kid Shop there are nightlights in the window and they are gorgeous!

Nighty nighty! Happy Crafting!

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