Eat It


We like to eat really pretty stuff, or I like to believe that is what the little people in my family prefer. I have adoration for vibrant color, and most things Japanese, including the preparation and packaging of food. The bento, is a most magical invention.

Many of you ask about the type of lunchboxes we use. We usually use our Planetboxes. They are wonderful, fun to pack, and one of the best investments we’ve ever made. We have had them for several years and never had to replace them. The only part that we replace, every other year, is the carrying case. The trays are one piece, fit perfectly in the dishwasher and are simple for a child (of any age) to use with ease. I always put a non-toxic ice pack in the mesh holder of the carrying case and send along a stainless steel spork on days when it might be needed.

We field mounds of questions about our front yard garden. We decided it was time to start eating our yard. You can find many of the details here.

People ask me about hot food. Most of the food I send chilled, but for soup days we have LunchBot thermoses.  And, people ask how on earth I find time for this?  I make lunch in the morning before school at 6:30 while my kids eat breakfast. I listen to NPR, chat with my kids, drink coffee, and make it fun. I can whip out a lunch in 5 minutes, if I have to. Some days there is a bit more time for attention to detail. And, some days the boys have school hot lunch. I’m thankful my kids have so many options for nourishment.

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