Birth it

The most intimate and empowering moments in life are often wrapped into the birth world and the death world.


The time we have on earth is precious, and reminding ourselves of that is important.

New life is a passion of mine. I had my first baby in the hospital, planned, but ended up having a cesarean, not planned. I never doubted my body’s ability to birth naturally, but that didn’t happen in 2004. A chain of events, that had been discussed with me, set my first birth in motion. Things weren’t as dreamy as I’d envisioned. The second time around, I covered my bases. I had a houseful of support. I birthed at home. In 2007 my body birthed naturally. After that, I knew I wanted to help people birth.

Everyone deserves birth support. Everyone deserves time. Birth is hard. Birth takes time. You need someone to sit with you, hold your hand, and just be. Sometimes you need someone to scream at. Sometimes you need someone to encourage you. Sometimes you need someone to hold a bucket while you vomit, direct the shower head to the place that hurts the most, or sit with you through contractions on your toilet. Sometimes you need someone to go get you ice chips, a warm blanket, or find your nurse. Sometimes you need someone to hug your partner. It isn’t easy to watch someone you love birth. Birth is hard.

I do these things. I love these things.

Everyone deserves a peaceful presence when they are dying. Hospice is my favorite. I was a volunteer for a handful of years. Hospice is comprised of so much, nurses, clergy, social workers, listeners, and love. Sitting with someone when they are passing is much the same as sitting with someone when they are birthing.

I’ve done these things. I love these things.

A contract for doula services is available upon request.

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