Bedtime Oils

Here is yet another video (that I wasn’t sure I wanted to post) that covers a fairly normal night at our house. Essential Oils are definitely part of our bedtime routine and this is Simon and I getting him ready for bed. I’m sure a lot of you have already viewed it, as it pops up in the recommended views. I’m kind of a newb on YouTube so I’ll have to figure out how to hide what I don’t want published but for now I’ll just roll with it. It is a sweet video of Simon, he’s pretty hilarious and adorable.

Simon tells us about his favorite, Sandalwood, and we apply Valor, Thieves and diffuse Lavender this particular night. We don’t always use these oils but find a mix that works best for the moment. Valor is typically a regular because it helps make my kids feel brave and courageous – which seems to eliminate most of the “nightdreams” or nightmares. They feel safe when they have it on. We also tend to use some Peace & Calming (on the big toe) at bedtime, but that is generally if my kids are feeling anxious or amped up. Thieves is just a preventative to viruses they come in contact with on a daily basis. I don’t use this oil every night but every other night or so we try and put it on. If they are sick or someone else is sick that we’ve been in contact with, then we use it everyday, several times a day.

So there you have it, this is what our bedtime generally looks like.

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