Birthday Garland

August Merritt Hickey

My wee-est boy turns 4 on March 14th, which is pretty hard for this Mama to wrap her head around, since he’s still supposed to be just a baby. Not much of a baby these days. Getting himself dressed, helping me with tasks, keeping up with his big brother (without much trouble) and saying the most amazingly hilarious things. He told us for his birthday he wants a huckleberry and blueberry ice cream cake in the shape of a dolphin or a whale. Just now when I asked him again he told me he actually wanted a buffalo cake. I said, “Really?” He matter-of-factly said “Yep, that’s my choice.” We still have a little over a month to get the true desire all panned out.

Birthday Garland is on my list of things to accomplish before that big day arrives. And this is the pattern that I’d like to share with you all this week. I’ll get a photo up as soon as I have this made, seems to me it will be a fairly simple project. I sell raw wool at my toy store so I have a plethora of it for my needle felting projects that don’t seem to pan out as beautifully as I envision them to. I bet I can make some pretty birthday garland though, to go with this birthday banner! I’ll share soon!

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