Copaiba is coming up rainbows


There is an new essential oil kit that I can help you bring into your home. If you’re hoping to support immune systems this kit can help.

These oils are called the “Everyday Oils” and honestly, they are. If you want a kit or any individual, therapeutic grade oils, I’m your lady, I hope.


Copaiba (comes in your kit and is the chosen oil for this month) – What do we use it for? When this oil was introduced to me, a couple of years back, it was introduced as a “booster” of sorts. I was told if I paired this oil with other oils it would amplify the potency of that particular oil. You can make yourself a super Thieves oil. I used it that way for quite some time, without realizing there were other amazing things this oil was capable of. Copaiba is found in South America. It is considered an oil to aid physical discomfort. I use it for stomach discomfort, often.

Other good stuff: Copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and stimulant for your circulatory and pulmonary systems. Use this oil for colds, constipation, diarrhea, flu, bacterial infections (internal and external), muscular aches and pains, wounds, depression, stress, anxiety, and the list goes on.
If you’d like more info on this particular oil, or if you want me nab one up for you, let me know. I’ll be sending a monthly oil email, if you subscribe to this list, (over on the right hand side of this page) you can get a detailed ‘oil of the month.’

Full circle: I closed my toy shop, after nearly a decade, and I’m wrapping the loves of my life into one sharing space. I bento, I knit, I craft, I doula, I oil and I mom (or try to). I’ve transitioned. I’ve moved into a new realm and I’ve decided ‘coming up rainbows’ sums most of it up. I’m turning much of our grass into a garden. I will make this space where I share my oil knowledge, gardening attempts, love of photography, goings on, and I hope some of you will visit from time to time.


This ^ is what I’m knitting right now. I took a brief hiatus from the honeycomb this summer to be really present with my kids, make a woolly monster for the ZACC monster show, and just figure out my “calling.” I should be wrapping up rainbow honey sometime soon. I’ll leave you with the monster – original art by a Missoula Kindergarten student – interpreted by me. And, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to pin down where I belong in this big world, for now I’m just going to be.


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