Essential Rewards Autoship

You just heard from me yesterday – but I wanted to just let you all know – one more time about the benefits of Essential Rewards.
Check out this brochure and this brochure for a whole lot of info.
I just emailed those of you that are already partaking in this amazing deal – but I wanted to let the rest of you know about what you are missing out on!

By participating in the Essential Rewards Program you’ll get all kinds of benefits – most importantly free oils!
Credits – Months 1-6 10% back of whatever you order, Months 7-12 15% back of whatever you order and Months 13 and above you get 20% back of whatever you order.
The Benefits:
1. You help the people in your up-line grow their Young Living business (like me – and I really really appreciate it!)
2. You get discounted shipping (bulk shipping) $7.95 on first 5 lbs.
3. You get discounted pricing on the Essential Rewards Packs – ART Skincare, Thieves, Everyday Oils, Ningxia Red, or Core Essentials Complete.
4. You get bonuses that you can read about in the brochures above but this is for distributors placing 100PV orders each month.
5. You get monthly wellness training and support CDs
6. You can order things for your friends/family on your autoship and still get those free points and charge those people “customers” retail prices.
So this is just a small list, once you start doing autoship, you’ll never want to stop. If you are feeling like you don’t know what you’d like to order, please take some time to visit the other blog entries and or just contact me and I’ll help you figure out what you might want to order. I can also do my best to help you fulfill your order each month. I have a lot of people that call or email me monthly that need things and I generally throw them on my order, I’m happy to spread these orders around though to help you meet your goals.

You just log in to sign up, if you don’t know how to log in please just ask and I’ll email you step by step instructions. You are required to order 50PV worth of oils per month – but you can pick whatever you would like each month (always change your order to get something new). You can order 100PV per month and get extra benefits! You can pick the date your order processes and switch it around when you need to. You can also skip one month per year (maybe you don’t need anything one month – just call or do the live chat and they’ll put things on hold for you).

If this information sounds good to you and you’d like to sign up for Essential Rewards, please let me know and I can help you do so. If this information sounds good to you and you’d like to learn more about business building I’m happy to meet up with you and talk to you about how I have gotten to the place that I am. I’d love to visit with anyone that is interested in building a Young Living Business – you don’t need to have much extra time – I sure don’t!

Happy Tuesday! I look forward to hearing from some of you! This is a great business to build if you have a family or if you are a stay at home Mama/Papa. I can give you the tools you need and all it takes is a love of Essential Oils, some sharing. and very little time.

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