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Fairy Lunch

Our theme for lunch today was fairy inspired. We had a Magical Fairy Party at our Toy Store on Friday and the bits of cheese were cut into hearts, stars, angelfish and butterflies. That made us want a whole fairy lunch…so we ended up with some rainbow chocolate drops, some heart and star sandwiches, grapes and kiwi and bright green apples and as many colors as we could find.


Angel Fish and Butterflies

The lunch and my sweet big boy practicing his spelling words before heading to school.

Lunch Study

Gus’s lunch had some cherry tomatoes instead of the yogurt covered raisins in Simon’s lunch. Gus also likes dried apples and they aren’t a favorite of Sime’s.

Gus Cold Lunch


Both have magical applesauce and Simon’s (at the top) has some wild rice and garlic crunchy sticks. Oh and the sandwiches are filled with turkey – Simon’s has lettuce and Gus’s has tomatoes.


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