It feels good to clean up, use a q-tip, really get in there. It takes time, this ‘freshen’ has been/will be a slow and steady work-in-progress. I get inspiration and help from a lot of very talented people in this thriving mountain town. I don’t pass up opportunities too often, especially if they are of the memory making variety, so sometimes projects and freshening things up, can take longer than I like for them to. We started this freshen in the spring and you’ll watch it unfold.

Fresh Look

Check this dream of a logo freshen by an artist friend. Our new product labels will be adorned with pieces of creation.

Yep, I am making a handful new products for you! They will soon be available in the rainbow shop. A homegrown hoppy beard oil, a nourishing facial serum and toner, something lovely for your hair, and a few cleaning supplies that you can easily whip up (or remake) yourself. I think the best part about this adventure is realizing how simple it can be to make safe alternatives yourself, and if you don’t want to, I love doing it for you!

Fresh Videos

I’ve started a new adventure of sharing videos weekly. I felt pretty timid about it at first, that is lessening. This is an ‘out of my comfort zone’ attempt to freshen my approach to reach people, like you. I try to keep these topical videos in the 5 minute range. My goal is to show you that there are safe alternatives to over-the-counter purchases/choices we regularly make. I want to answer questions like these: Is this product I’m putting directly on my skin doing my body any favors? How do I achieve a restful slumber? Do I need this estrogen cream? Should I give this cough medicine to my kiddo? I will share things that work for my family. Videos can be found on the Coming Up Rainbows YouTube channel.

I’m keeping this short and sweet, so I can disperse 40 bales of straw in the yarden, while the fall sun shines. I’m hoping to share some tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, and pepper starts with you in the spring. I can’t ship plant starts, but remember I will ship products to your friends and family, so keep us on your holiday shopping list.

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