Garden Fresh Carrots, Risotto and More

Garden Fresh Carrots, Risotto and More

Our garden is overflowing with carrots. Too many for me to eat actually. Probably a project for next week – harvest them, boil them, puree them, freeze them (at least that’s what I’m thinking). Needless to say there shall be carrots in many lunches. Oh and tomatoes – those we’ve got plenty of those as well. The risotto was a first and I loved the flavor, but it had a lot of cheese so poor Simon doesn’t get to indulge (at least not two days in a row). Simon also doesn’t care for the circle bread loaves (named such by Gus) that are filled with PB&J today. Chocolate chips and bananas for dessert. Looks pretty tasty.


Potatoes, Circle Sandwiches and More

Baked Potato Bites, Circle Sandwiches filled with Peaut Butter and Jelly, banana bits (again), hummus for dipping those garden fresh carrots, another pile of chocolate chips (just like my brother) and smooches galore.

Another view…

Cute Kid

with a little face in the background. Happy Munching!


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