Garden Tags by Ellen

lettuce long


The season is upon us, although it is hard to imagine with the bursts of snow and freezing cold winds that keep cropping up around here. My friend Ellen has a new Etsy store with some beaded goodness that everyone ought to mark their gardens with. She’s a talented Mama – she’s been a Mama much longer than I – her baby is a junior in high school! She’s just recently gotten serious about her crafting – and I can’t wait to fill my very first garden, which we plan to plant this year (finally), with beautiful beaded garden tags (and veggies). I’m a big fan of utilitarian crafts. I like to use what I make and of course love to use what my friends make.


I wanted to help Ellen spread the word about her beaded craft and they are round about the cutest things I’ve seen in a while, so if you have a second to spare you ought to check them out. I’m only showing a few of them here, but I recall seeing a pumpkin, beets, cabbage, corn, lettuce, peas, asparagus, and the list goes on.

Basil Lettuce Asparagus

Ooh and I almost forgot to mention that she makes these tasty tag/seed-filled cards to gift as well.

Beet Card

Happy Crafting! And Happy Gardening! *Soon*

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