Hard-Boiled Wonderland

If you use Instagram I’ve been posting my lunches on there often lately, and you might want to follow walkingstickmama – if you are into that kind of thing – which you probably are since you are here right now. I’ve posted several lunches under #madeyourlunch and would be really excited if you shared yours the same way. I love to see what you fill your bellies with too.

Today I’ll just post my lunches from this morning and make a hopeful promise that I’ll be better about hopping on here and sharing more frequently. I have a ton of lunches to share and just seem to be lacking the ‘ton of time’ to share them.

I actually put these bad boys in lunches all of the time, but sometimes I think it is just pretty impossible to see the replete adorableness from a photo. I have two egg molds that Santa brought me last year – a bunny and a bear. If you look back at some of our hard-boiled egg lunches I’m sure you’ll notice their sweet little faces. It just makes eating an egg that much more exciting!

I find myself struggling with “what to pack” on days like today when our house seems to be missing some of the key lunch packing elements. I somehow always seem to dig and find things that at least look yummy – which hopefully encourages my kiddos to eat it all up.

Goldfish bagel, kiwi, clementine and more

A bagel with Tofutti and Goldfish crackers, pear slices, vitamins, hard-boiled hen egg, homemade applesauce, clementine and kiwi bites will fill big and little bellies today.

Bon appetite!

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