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Whatever the season your kids have unique needs and feelings. In lieu of the back to school season I thought in addition to my Thieves plug I would talk about oils for your child’s well being. I will speak from the experiences I’ve had with my kids as well as using friends’ experiences. Environmental situations can be factored in depending on where you may reside, we live in Montana and fire season is in full force…which presents another list of oils that may be handy for kids sensitive to the smoke. Maybe your child has asthma – then you probably want some R.C., Pine and Eucalyptus Radiata on hand. Holy – we have some fires rollin’ around here…

West Riverside Fire West Riverside Fire Raging

Speaking in general (on a daily basis), our kids are all individuals and have their very own unique needs and feelings, but there are ways we can support those feelings and needs and incorporate our Young Living Essential Oils. For example I have many friends with kiddos that may be a bit more spirited than others and they swear that using Peace & Calming and Valor before school in the morning or before bed at night makes a big difference in the day to day events in their children’s’ lives. This combo helps their children stay more focused during class time and have less struggles in general. It could be the calming effect of the oils, it could be the confidence that Valor brings, it is impossible to say as every child is very different.
In our house, Valor is applied to my oldest kiddo (along his spine) most nights at bedtime. I can see a difference in his security when we don’t go through the routine of talking about what the oil can help him with and when we don’t spend time rubbing it on his back at night. Again – it could be the act of rubbing his back and talking that is actually what brings him to that comfortable space, but I like the idea of a delicious smelling oil added to our ritual to really help find a balance within. And, since I use this particular oil on myself when I’m feeling a bit scattered or hormones seem to be raging, and it works for me, I cherish being able to share that bit of love with my kids. I feel great about being able to share these things with my kids when they are so little and through their childhoods so as they grow up and decide maybe they don’t need to live with me anymore (crazy I know) I can send them into the big world with healthy tools to work through their problems and comforts in essential oil form. I also hope these coping tools will keep them entirely away from the pills that are ever so available in society today. Drug companies are NOT my favorite.

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean steering clear of germs – it encompasses mental health and the good mental health of my kiddos is aided dramatically by oils. I firmly believe that good mental health and expression of feelings is a must in order to stay healthy in every sense. If your child is stressed, lacks sleep, experiences trauma, and is uncomfortable in situations presented to them they are going to be much more likely to become sick (germ sick) on a regular basis. My sweet friend Kris actually asked me if I would write a tiny blurb about good oils for kids last winter and I guess this would be…”it.” Feeleez (created by friends in our community – Kris included) can be great resource for you when working with your kids and their feelings and just relating to them, on their level, on a daily basis.

Then we get to boo boos, owies, wounds – whatever you might call them in your abode. My kids cry for oils whenever they fall down and get hurt. That is the first request, oils, then bandaids. Of course the human contact and snuggles that come with the application of oils and bandaids is the first thing they really need.  Lavender is great for bruising, so maybe the skin doesn’t break but there is a good sized goose egg starting, rub a tiny bit of Lavender on there and the bruise will not show face. Burns need lavender too, Young Living Lavender that is. Some other manufacturers put lavendin in their lavender which contains camphor so be careful what you use. Purification is great for open cuts and scrapes, according to Simon and Gus it doesn’t even sting. The rest of the first aid kit needs can be found here. My kids ask for oils first because they know that oils help them to feel better, the big bonus is they heal physical wounds too. Mentally, a dose of Lavender has an amazing calming effect, you could use other oils in place of Lavender like Roman Chamomile,  White Angelica, the list goes on. I can’t tell you which oils will work best in your family, the real gems. There may be oils that resonate better than others for your kids. Trial and error is my recommendation. Most likely you’ll just have a cabinet full of oils to sooth, energize and make your kiddo’s life positive.

The brain receptors that are touched by smell are precious throughout life and in those first years of life I feel good about packing my kids with positive smells to help ease pain, and heal. Simon’s very favorite oil is Sandalwood and he loves it so much that we have it in his room on his dresser, his very own bottle, and before I even knew of the scientific benefits of this particular oil I knew Simon needed it in his life on a regular basis. He craved it, he craved the time we spent together putting it on. Gus craves citrus oils and they are oils that are very uplifting to the spirit so it just really all makes sense to me. They make him feel happy. They know what they need and I’m so excited to share it with them. These oils make me feel happy, they really make everyone in our family happier. This makes me even more excited for our cozy fall and winter months.

I better stop here, I don’t want to be too long winded, probably too late.

Just a reminder – I’m always happy to do oil parties and we could even have a kid-friendly oil party if anyone out there so desires. This month if you purchase 215PV or more you get a free Valor and free Joy – both amazing oils for the entire family!

Hope this finds all of you well and in a peaceful place.


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