Hot Springs and Essential Oils

We just got back from a night in Hot Springs. Those healing waters are so special to us that Shane and I got married there almost 7 years ago. Anyway, the combo of our healing oils and the healing mineral waters always makes us feel like a million bucks – if we could just go back in time and silence the barking dogs in the room next to us.

Sleepy Oils
My konked out kiddos - Hot Springs and Essential Oils
Apparently my kids had no problem sleeping. A little Thieves on their feet and some Peace and Calming in the air – using our new Travel Diffuser and swimming in the springs for a bit and that was all it took. They fell asleep in seconds flat after their bedtime story. The dogs didn’t phase them one bit.
As for me I have been using a lot of Lemongrass and Purification per the results of Anna’s fancy Bio-Feedback device. Grapefruit Oil has also been in the mix in our family a lot these days – that was recommended when Shane did his Zyto Compass test. So we’re trying out the oils that were recommended to us and we’ll see if we notice an energy change in the next month or so. We’ll keep you posted. Happy Weekend!

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