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last camping trip

It is officially fall! This was our last camping trip of the summer…and it felt like fall! We could see our breath during dinner but it was the best way imaginable to wrap up the summer.

Monster Carrot

Remember those seeds we planted? We are enjoying our  fall harvest, and so happy we decided to finally plant ourselves a garden.

In lieu of the onset of autumn…I thought I would share some immune boosting tips with my sweet readers and fellow oil lovers.  Of course you want to keep your family and yourself healthy, it seems once a cold is had, the entire winter is filled with more and more. We have several lines of defense around the Hickey House, but our essential oils are by far the most effective (as long as we are applying them frequently). Topical application isn’t the only way to use your oils, don’t forget about diffusing, taking them internally, steaming, inhaling, etc. If you don’t have a reference guide I highly recommend you get one so you can use your oils to their fullest potential.

Here is our ‘routine’ for supporting immune systems and fending off the cold and flu bugs that float about our toy store, preschool and elementary school (we have germs coming from all over Missoula). We take probiotics daily. My kids take Dino probiotics that taste like black cherry and Young Living makes a probiotic called Life 5 that I’m going to start taking as soon as my current supply is used up.

We also take Vitamin D all winter/fall long, this healthy tip was something a good friend taught me last fall and it makes a big difference for us, we just don’t get enough sunshine during the winter months around here.

Of course Vitamin C is huge, and in addition, Shane and I both started taking True Source daily. If you are super hardcore you could get the Core Supplement Daily Super Pack. It has a whole mess of good stuff in it, including the True Source.

I’ve also got a hefty supply of Emergen-C on hand, so if someone feels like they are coming down with something this is a wonderful boost. And, I swear by Inner Defense. This product has worked for us time and time again so it is one that we keep on hand all year round. I would recommend however that this be taken with food, and I wouldn’t give it to my children, but it is good for all of you “grown-ups.”

These are the oils that I found during my research that are wonderful immune boosting oils. In an attempt to keep things semi-brief, so that you don’t decide you’d rather find something more interesting to read, I’ll simply list the oil and link it to Young Living’s description.

Immupower, Thieves Essential Oil as well as all of the other Thieves products (Foaming Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Spray to name a few), Clove, Raven, Ravensara, Rosemary, Melaleuca or Melrose, Mountain Savory, Exodus II and your trusty Lemon. My water bottle always has a little bit of Lemon oil in it, so does Simon’s and so does August’s.

For stimulating your immune system Cinnamon Bark (which is found in your Thieves Oil), Frankincense and Lavender are all must haves! You can apply these oils along your spine and underarms. I would dilute the Cinnamon Bark, it may be hot, just make sure you do test patches or have your olive oil or V-6 handy. And, as always, make sure you test oils on yourself before you put them on your kiddos.

I think the Raindrop kit is another wonderful tool. I use many of the oils individually from this kit, but when the bad stuff sets in we bust out the entire kit and everyone gets a raindrop experience at our house. It is a wonderful way to boost your immune system or to aid in getting you back to your healthy self again when you are under the weather. If you asked me to pick just one oil from this kit that I think you must have during the winter months, I would say Oregano!

Another amazing kit is the Golden Touch Kit, so if you are missing some of the oils from this kit I suggest stocking up now. I have a friend who is a nurse and she swears by this kit, she says it has everything she needs to keep her immune system up…working in the medical field…I think that’s all the testimonial anyone would need. The oils in this kit are – Di-Gize, EndoFlex, JuvaFlex, Melrose, Raven, RC and Thieves (all blends made by Young Living).

I also just ordered myself some dried wolfberries to enjoy when I don’t have my Ningxia Red on hand, since it too is a great immune defense – chock full of goodness.

I’m not a medical professional, but I like to share with others what works for us, and these oils are mind-blowing time and time again. We are a pretty healthy bunch.

Be well and have a healthy fall and winter! If you have questions about ordering anything please contact me…I’ll hook ya up. If you are interested in wholesale pricing we should chat.

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