Mudstuffing some Redneck Jellyfish

I’ve again strayed from talking about my awesome friends and the incredible things they do – but here is a special someone that is worthy of sharing – more than my little blog can do justice. This sweet family doesn’t reside near us anymore, but we sure do wish they did. The reason for the timing on this post is that Keith and his family just designed a brand new game for YOUR iPhone/iPad/iPod. It is called Redneck Jellyfish. My very own Ukulele Guy scored the game and the jellyfish itself is named after my tiniest child, August, aka Gus Hickey. The vocals and much of the artwork in the game are courtesy of Keith’s son Greyson and daughter Iva and if you can understand what they are saying – more power to ya. I always require translation from Shane – who can only 1/2 of the time determine what that hilarious jellyfish just conveyed.

Where to begin? Keith is a potter and if you want to see his brilliance you should visit his Etsy store. Here are some samplings of his unique creations.

Mudstuffing Bowl Peace Cups Gumball Machine

Mug Wood and Soda fired Mug

I’m rather fond of the tall tall lady.

This game is just a single example of how Keith pours his heart and soul into his family. Here is the press release for the game and it makes me happy that my husband, clear across the country from Keith, was able to play a role in the creation. Shane and Keith have been friends for years and I know that in spite of the distance between them Shane’s connection with Keith is one of the most earnest in his life. It is definitely worth your time to read the heartwarming press release.

Redneck Jellyfish Icon

*“So many games today focus on destroying and tearing something down. With this game, I wanted to be sure the goal was ‘building’ something up”, says Keith. They can’t remember how it started with a jellyfish, but the coral idea came from Greyson, who had done some cool sketches with a Sharpie marker that looked like abstract coral.*

screenshot screenshot 1

So puhleez – Redneck Jellyfish it up and support this crafty family.

Redneck Jellyfish Collage

One last plug for Keith, he is the artist responsible for creating the Walking Stick Toys logo, and for that too I’m forever grateful.

PS: you can post your game scores on your Facebook profile – for those of you that like to brag (just a tiny bit).



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