Oils for Sore Muscles

With the new year upon us I’m sure many of you are busting out your workout clothes and running shoes – they might be a bit dusty – mine are. We’ve started our new routine and we’ve got some sore muscles around our house – so last night after my workout I got out the oils. Not to mention that I’m feeling a bit of a cold coming on – so I’m going to nip that right now before it settles in. So I loaded up on some Relieve It which is a pretty awesome blend that is used for sore muscles. Before my workout yesterday also I put some Peppermint Oil on my neck just to keep me cool and extra energized. Peppermint would be a great oil to diffuse while you exercise too.
In lieu of the cold, that is on the brink, I’ve been using lots of Thieves and taking Inner Defense in addition to Vitamin D-3, and drinking a bunch of Emergen-C. I’m not letting it happen! But I know it is from a serious lack of sleep – so I guess getting back into our old routine isn’t all bad.
Shane also pulled something in his shoulder or maybe pinched a nerve so he’s been using a lot of PanAway and Relieve It and the Deep Relief Roller to get some relief. I’ve been loading the kids up with Thieves at night too just to keep that cold away. The Thieves in addition to Peace and Calming and Lavender last night to ensure a good sleep before ‘back to school day’.
Simon got a bit of a cold over the break (or I guess I would just call it a runny nose) but we used R.C., Eucalyptus Radiata and Thieves and it was completely gone in three days – NO Coughing either which is always the worst part of his colds.
Back to the muscles – we use PanAway, Deep Relief Roller, Relieve It and Peppermint around here.
Oooh and I got the monthly special last month and it happened to be a blend called Believe and I love it! So we’ve been using a lot of that around here too. Smellin’ good and Feelin’ good.
Monthly Oil Email coming sometime today! It’ll be about R.C.!
Happy Happy New Year!

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