Old Shoulder Injury

Another shared story today! Thanks for sharing friends – keep them coming.

“I had some very good results with PanAway on my shoulder this weekend.
It hurts to lift my arm over my head – an old injury that flared up
after a full day of painting with a roller and also some intense floor
scrubbing (we are turning our garage into a heated work space). I
expected some help with the pain since I’ve used it before for stiff
necks but was surprised at how much more effective it was on this
particular deep muscle/joint pain. I had also tried Aleve but it didn’t
help at all.
I felt relief with the first application but repeated
it every 4 hours or so that day and then the next. I didn’t put it on
today for work because of the smell but will as soon as I go home and
put on an older shirt. I also use a protective glove to apply it so
that my fingers remain clear of the oil – something that is hard to get
off when you want to do some food prep! I can see where the roll-on
would help with that but would probably still want to massage the oil in
because it is so soothing. Anyway, I am going to keep dosing myself and
resting the shoulder and expect to be pain free soon.”

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