Our Crafty Mess

The Entry

I mentioned how uninspired I was a while back. Our ‘art room’ gets slightly out of control from time to time (from day to day).

Gus Hiding Holy Smokes

Notice how I’m just showing you the mess made by the kids.

Lego Central

It is the best space in the winter – so bright and sunny – so inspiring for all of us.

The Boys Simon

I’ve finally started making my way through the scrap fabric for Sloane’s quilt. I started cutting and sorting and ironing and things are a bit more organized, now I just need to start stitching the pieces together.

Sloane's Quilt Sloane Scraps Long Strips of Scrap

Sharing photos of what I’m doing gives me that extra motivational boost to actually finish…so that’s what I’m hoping for…a completed Sloane gifty before too long. There really isn’t a better time of year to hunker down and sew, knit and create, in our sunshiny space.

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