Painting with Yogurt/Chalk

We tried something new we found in a book we checked out at the Missoula Public Library. The book is called “Razzle Dazzle Doodle Art” and it has some good quick art projects in it.

Razzle Dazzle Doodle Art

We painted with chalk and watered down yogurt, weird I know, but it was actually pretty fun. The best canvas is the inside of a brown paper bag or a darker colored piece of construction paper (something with some gusto and thickness).

Gus Paints

I didn’t use an official ratio when combining the yogurt and water, just made it a “paintable” consistency.

Yogurt Water Dipping Brush Yogurt Brush

Gus really preferred the use of the brush in his artwork, whereas Simon took to a ‘dipping the sidewalk chalk in’ method. Either way works just fine.

Chalk Dip

The effects seem to be watercolor-esque. It is a good way to smear chalk and incorporate another medium (less dust too).

As for the chalk, we tried some chalk we sell at our store and then tried some sidewalk chalk. I don’t think we really have a preference between the two, Gus liked one and Simon liked the other. I suppose that means it is sixes.

Simon Chalk Art

When it stops snowing – we intend to take our chalk outside on the driveway and of course we’ll bring along some watery-yogurt. Asphalt will probably be an amazing canvas, not to mention the size will be much more fun than a paper bag or piece of construction paper. My little artists seemed happy with the project, so if you find yourself feeling bored, or if your kiddos are bored, try this concoction.

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