Paper Piecing Take II

Trees Blue/RedFlowering Tree

I didn’t get to go into a ton of detail on paper piecing in my last post, but the main reason I wanted to post another entry on this same subject is so I could show off my pieces. I’m pretty proud of the way they turned out, and honestly the process isn’t all that difficult. If you can stitch a straight light, you’re more than capable. I jumped the gun…I guess you also must possess the ability to count, but not past 20, for any of the pieces I’ve created.

Pressing Pressing Again


Wedding Trees

As hard as it might be, the best part about this is you can use your scraps. It seems like when I get into quilting mode though I have the sudden urge to go to Selvedge and get some new fabric. Seriously try and use your scraps!

Blank Piece

This is what you get when you print your pattern. You can run this paper right through your printer, in fact you can use regular weight paper for this project.

Marker Fold Over

Owl Trees

I found an awesome tutorial here. I’m sure tutorials can be found all over the internet, but this one is simple and easy to follow.

Bug Trees Completed Bug Trees

Two Tier Tree

The color combinations were left wide open for us. Without limitations, I was able to use some scraps from projects that have nostalgia.

Trippy House

And I was able to make some squares that probably won’t even make the cut. I think this one actually did make the cut but it will be under a pillow near the top. Give me some slack it was one of my first ones. Turns out you have to be somewhat careful with fabric choices.

I’ll reveal the quilt soon!

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