Peppermint Oil for Belly Aches

Sad Gus

I realized I’ve been neglecting the testimonials portion of this page – and I have a whole slew of them to share! Today reminded me of one of the best Peppermint Testimonials. When my Mother-In-Law was here for the holidays and the birth of my new niece…she had a belly ache one of the days we were relaxing and lounging about the house. I told her she ought to put a drop of Peppermint in her water bottle – so she did – and within minutes she commented on how she was feeling so much better.
That stuff is amazing, fer reals, you ought to give it a shot yourself the next time you have a sour stomach. One drop is equivalent to 26 cups of Peppermint tea – it’ll fix you right up in a glass of water. You can just drop it right on your tongue (if you’re brave) it will clear your sinuses and make your belly feel better!
I was reminded of this today when my little guy August was doubled over with a belly ache after some processed cheese at lunch time. Poor guy. He would cry out in agony when a gas bubble was making its way through his body. I put some Di-Gize on him and had him taste a tiny bit of it and massaged his belly with some Peppermint and V-6 for a few minutes. He pooped. And now he’s running around like normal. And he’s hungry, so I best sign off.

PS Peppermint is great for fevers, put it on the bottoms of feet and the heat will exit your body.

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