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For years I had a kid blog. I shared photos and stories about my kids being born, growing up, starting school, losing teeth, our adventures and lovely life. We password protected it when they were young, making it only accessible to family and friends, but I’m finding as they get older, I only share how delightful they are on instagram and fb. I miss documenting them. I haven’t posted there in over two years. Life takes hold, we still adventure like crazy, but I don’t spend each evening adding photos of their cute baby faces and our daily events.

Belly Measure 3-07

My youngest baby was born on a blustery pi day an entire decade ago. The wind was blowing so hard that the shingles were blowing off of our roof. He was born sometime around 4pm in, what is now, his brother’s bedroom. My boys make their way into rainbow posts, but that never quite touches on how the most important me came into existence more than 13 years ago. The mom me. I never thought I would have kids, I’m not sure why, that seems a bit ridiculous now. We had a pact getting married that we weren’t going to. I got pregnant 2 months after our wedding. Our kids are easy to love, really rad people, and they’ve written the script for much of the last 13 years of my life.

If you know my kids, you already know how polar opposite they are, and yet you see, precisely, how they came from the same genes. We got this poem at parent teacher conferences written by one of them:


And, the other was sick on pi day, he trudged downstairs after throwing up around 9pm on 3/13, “I threw up, I can’t miss the pi competition.” Turns out if you memorized the most digits of pi you won a.whole.pie. He missed school, and he still won the pie.

Pi Memorization


They are artists, they are musicians, they play beautiful music on the piano, they love other people. They know how to love one another. They know how to be good people and they are figuring out what matters in life.  All of these things make my heart skip a beat. I.can’t.even.

I’m looking forward to spending the week with them and we’re attempting a new challenge for spring break. We’re playing a new board game each day. We’ve got quite the collection and I’ll share those deets in our next post. Follow us on instagram #gamesofspringbreak to see what we play 3/16 – 3/26 and see if we are all still breathing. Competition gets fierce.

games of spring break 1

Nobody got punched during King of Tokyo today.

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