Pumpkin PB&J, Homemade Donuts and More

Pumpkin Lunch

Holy smokes this morning was exciting. The boys saw their lunches being put together and the pumpkin sandwich was, in particular, an excitement trigger!

My Little Grumpy Pumpkin

Look at that little grumpy morning pumpkin glare.

Plums, Grapes, Pumpkins and More

The leftover bits of PB&J fit under the pumpkin. These plums were the best thing on earth (according to Simon and Gus) they would seriously eat 15 of them without stopping if I wasn’t watching. I would let them if I didn’t know what would happen later if they did consume that many. The homemade donuts were a special treat from the weekend. We shared them with friends after we got a donut maker – it is great because I know exactly what is going in those donuts and they aren’t fried. Healthy(ish) delicious donuts! Lemon soy yogurt seemed to be fitting this morning with the rest of the delicious mix. Organic red grapes are always a special treat and the bit of pear sliced up beneath the yogurt is from a local farm as well. Oooh and I almost forgot about the lemon daisy cookie. Yummy Fall Lunch!

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