Purification – June

Hey Everyone,

Hope the brink of summer is treating all of you well. I decided to give you a little information on an oil blend called Purification. It is one of the oils that comes in the starter kit. I was going to talk about Peppermint because it seemed fitting for summer, but after using so much Purification this past weekend I changed my tune, so you can look forward to Peppermint info next month. Purification is one of the oils that comes in the starter kit that most people don’t know exactly what to use it for…so here are some things that I use it for!
We spent the weekend out in the woods (hiking, playing by a pond and the river, and relaxing) but there were mosquitoes and ticks and all kinds of bugs everywhere, so I was glad to have the Purification on hand to protect us. Since I think bug spray is kind of sketchy, this has become the perfect alternative. Bug Spray often times contains things like deet and other poisons, but if you just put a little purification on your skin you’ll be just as protected without any harsh chemicals. I like to put it on my feet and on Simon and Gussy’s feet. This weekend I actually put it on their legs and arms too, you don’t need much at all, like with any of the oils a little bit goes a really long way. I even put some on last night when I was doing some weeding in the garden after the kids went to bed. I had a few mosquitoes land on me before I put it on but they steered clear after I smelled delicious.
Purification has a pretty strong smell – it was one that I didn’t love at first, but it is great to kill odors and bacteria in the air. If you are dealing with a cigarette smell anywhere it is a great way to purify the air, you can use it with any smell actually. After we had 25 chickens living in our bathroom for 6 weeks we diffused it in the bathroom to get rid of odor and bacteria (after cleaning with Thieves Household Cleaner of course!).
Purification has replaced Hydrogen Peroxide at our house too. Whenever we get cuts or scrapes now we put Purification on them and then a band aid.
You can put a cotton cloth with Purification on it in your air ducts to clean them out seasonally as well. I will be doing that when we turn our air conditioning on for the first time. I’ll just put one right near the air intake. This is a great way to eliminate bacteria in your home and make your house smell good at the same time.
Purification is great to put on insect bites after they happen as well. It is great for neutralizing poison from spiders, bees, hornets and wasps.
It repels mice.
Clean with it. Clean your counter tops or floors.
It is great for killing mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria in the air, and odors in the air.
It is a great healing oil.

Simon fell down on the gravel and scraped his knee at the cabin and we put a little bit of oil on it with a band aid and he was good as new. He wants oils now when he gets hurt, he has never complained of a sting at all and I’ve put it on several of my own cuts and never felt any stinging. This particular oil comes in the starter kit or it is $17.75 wholesale or $23.36 retail. It is an awesome oil to have your medicine cabinet or take along on a camping trip!

As always if anyone needs anything let me know, my order processes on the night of the 7th.

We’ll take the month of June off and start up our oil discussion group again next month, maybe July won’t be quite as busy as June, hmm, or maybe it will.
A couple of other bits of info…If anyone is finding that they’d like the big oil book (The Essential Oils Reference Guide) which is chalk-full of all kinds of awesome information please let me know, I’m ordering another batch of them and discounts are available with larger purchases. If you are using the oils I think you’ll find that this book will really come in handy if you don’t already have it. They are typically about $20 when I order them in big bunches, so just holler if you want me to get one for you.
And as always if you want to have a party please let me know and we’ll get you on the calendar!

Please let me know if you have any questions about your oils and let me know if you would like to try any! Stay healthy!

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