Visit Our Rainbow Pit Shop

Visit our new Coming Up Rainbows pit shop, lip shop & salve shop. I’ve set sail on a brand new endeavor, and the destination is your armpits.

You may be skeptical, you might think there is no such thing as natural deodorant that actually works, but I started making it, selling it, and you can purchase it right here. The ingredients are probably readily available in your kitchen pantry, you can eat them, so you know they are safe for your underarms and the underarms of your kin.

I’m asking for your help, I need help spreading the word about these new products. I would love to concoct a list of places that you hope to be able to find a Coming Up Rainbows Pit Stick, when your deodorant runs out. I need to know where you want to come across some King Salve for your irritated skin and Lippy Balm for your chapped lips. I would love to hear from you when you try it, if you like it, if you don’t like it. The comment section is open below – your feedback is much appreciated – and please read that feedback if you are skeptical or ‘on the fence’ about trying these products.

I find myself concerned with over-the-counter products, what do they have in them?, are they good for my body?, and don’t even get me started about how much I worry about my family. My prepubescent boys sometimes need a swipe of pit stick. This one is safe. They get chapped noses and skin when they have colds, and they need a salve. This one is safe. Read the ingredients on your lip balm or chap stick. This one is safe. Visit our pit shop for safe alternatives. *I’ve heard rumor that your Valentine would love something from our rainbow shop.*

If you are a shop owner/manager/employee interested in carrying our products we have a wholesale order form available. Please contact us for a copy.

Thank you for helping me/us spread the word! One lucky commenter will win a free product – you will be randomly chosen on Valentine’s Day! xo


  • “I love this shiz! My BO usually has a very distinctive smell. But Coming Up Rainbows’ pit stick magically erases it. My favorite part, however, is that there’s only about 5 ingredients that I can spell. Thanks, Coming Up Rainbows, for making me smell less gross.”
  • “I ❤ Pit Stick. Was nervous the natural nature of PS might not do the trick for extremely stinky & sweaty situations. It works! Love the texture and the subtle scent. Was so jazzed to toss my plethora of trad & non trad deodorants for this one.”
  • “I am in love with this product! To be honest I was a little skeptical about getting good wear out of the simple ingredients but it’s incredible! It smells GREAT! And lasts ALL day long! I’m so happy you opened your shop!”
  • “I made the shift from my perfumed, pore-clogging Dove to natural deodorant a few years ago, resolving that health>eliminating BO. And then the Pit Stick! Made by a fabulous mama I love supporting, so healthy I could eat it and have fuel to hike and works as well as or better than anything out there. LOVE IT.”

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