Seal Cough Heal

So Simon woke up two nights ago with this horrible seal cough that he seems to contract with every cold that breaks its way into his tiny little body. This time the oils tackled it immediately. I was pretty sure that Tuesday would be a day off of school for him, and that a big bad cold was coming. When he found me super upset and said “I have a seal cough.” I busted out the humidifier (steam) and filled the little pot with Eucalyptus Radiata. I covered his chest and back, where his lungs are, with R.C. (stands for Respiratory Care – another oil I’ll never run out of) and put Copiaba and Thieves on his feet. I couldn’t tell if he was achy but he wasn’t feverish, so I figured this was my best bet. He had some Clove and Pine going in his diffuser again for the second night in a row. I also put a little bit of Frankincense on his little feet because of its oxygenating powers. He woke up about 15 minutes later than he usually does in the morning and was chipper and happy. He had a little bit of Emergen-C, no cough, no runny nose, nothin’! He was just fine. He’s definitely fighting a cold right now, it hasn’t busted its way through, so I’m trying to be really good about putting Thieves and Copiaba on him every chance I get. He’s at school again today and in good spirits. Usually his spirits are the first to drop when he’s coming down with something.

Mama on the other hand has been battling a stupid lingering something or other, so I’ve been pretty anal about keeping the boys oiled up really well. I’m slathering myself in Thieves and even brought a diffuser to the store with me today to try and help with the congestion. I have something crazy going on in my sinuses, so I’ve been trying to make sure to put Thieves on a lot to get rid of the possible infection and Oregano is another amazing tool at our house. I like to put mix it with V-6 and put it along our spines – kids, Shane and myself. We do the whole Raindrop Therapy if we have time – well a quick version where we just use the oils and some V-6, but it seems to help kill viruses – since they like to live along your spinal column. Okay I’ll save more for another day. Watch for a post on a great oil carrying case! Coming next!

Stay Healthy! We’re trying to!

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