Smiling Sandwich on Homemade Bread, Strawberries and More

Made your lunch cold lunch

Yummy! Simon and Gus enjoyed a smiley little lunch today. The smiles are punched out of nori and the sandwich is homemade white bread filled with peanut butter and homemade plum jelly (which is delightful). The strawberries are organic and sliced up bite-size for kiddos, the fig cookies are Newman’s, the chocolate drops are from the bulk section at the Good Food Store – I love the rainbow flower they make. The hard-boiled hen egg is probably from our backyard hens (but could be organic from the store), please take note of the shape of the eggs. The new hard-boiled egg smooshers are at the tippy top of my favorite list right now. Finally, we have some diced up organic pink lady apples. Looks Delightful for my little loveys.

Made your Lunch

Made Your Lunch Sandwich Face

Made Your Lunch Valentine's Eve

Ooh I almost forgot my big kid is super into the Mango covered almonds (also in bulk) so that is what you see in the center. Ew.

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