Summer Solstice Giveaway Winner!

We’d like to extend another gigantic mound of gratitude to Black Coffee Roasting Co for sharing a bag of delicious beans with us for this giveaway.

These items (besides the coffee) are always available in the shop, with the exception of the magical amulet – we only have limited quantities of those unique items.

Here are links to each of the prizes in our shop:

  1. Coming Up Rainbows Happy Mug with Tea Strainer
  2. King Salve (all purpose)
  3. Bergamot Essential Oil
  4. Magical Amulets (limited quantities)

Now who was the lucky winner? And, when is the next giveaway?

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The lucky winner of the Summer Solstice Giveaway is Michael K. of Boca Raton, FL.

We like to share a tiny tidbit about our winners: Michael said, “Not much to say about me love family.  See that you are in Missoula and one of my favorite movies is A River Run n Through It. “

Your gift will be shipped tomorrow. In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to check out our Rainbow Plant Profiles, hop on it. A new profile is coming in the next couple of days! We just returned from a trip to Italy and one of the plants that was prevalent there will be featured.

Queen Anne's Lace

Stay tuned for July’s Giveaway Announcement, coming soon!

Happy Summer!

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