The Light is Coming

This time of year can be a tricky, I repeatedly remind myself, the light is coming. I fill my entire house with lights, the power bill feels it, but so do we.

Lovely things happen, in my brain, when the lights twinkle. And bonus things happen, when I pump ridiculously giddy carols through my house every afternoon, (who am I kidding) and morning, and night.

The days are short, we light up our chicken coop to keep us ‘in the eggs’ & our front porch to find our way. It gets dark before the day feels complete, forcing us into early completion. A book and bath always sound like a dream date this time of year. I struggle to roll out of my warm bed in the morning. I have to drink a LOT of coffee to motivate myself to accomplish simple tasks on my list. I try and breathe outside whenever possible, alongside the day.

I sometimes imagine, how many lights I’d need to string, if I lived somewhere the light didn’t show for months.

We need it, our bodies and brains need it. I make Vitamin D gelcaps a part of each day, and I force feed them to my family. It’s all about finding a balance & creating some of our own light to compensate on these short days. The solstice is coming. The light is coming.

I’m giving loads of goodies away on Instagram.  It makes me happy. To win them, simply follow us and heart the things you’d like in your life. Today’s giveaway is a Happy Rainbow Roller. This is an essential oil blend I created, for your smile. It’s all part of our Giveaway to the Solstice, 21 bright things to light the way to the magical day when the light comes back around.

I hug my friends tighter, send more texts, reach out as often as possible, and check in with people I love right now (a bit more than usual). We need it, we need each other.

I’ll be at the Missoula MADE Fair on Sunday, in case you want to come and get a hug. Remember, our goodies make the best stocking stuffers!

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