Tofurkey, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich, Peas and More

Turkey, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich, Beans and More

Pretty much the best time of year to make a lunch, really! Our garden is FULL of deliciousness. This lunch has a whole lot of homemade/homegrown elements. Homemade white bread filled with Tofurkey, Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and locally grown tomatoes. A hard-boiled hen egg straight out of our backyard, weird curly carrots and snap peas from our garden, ranch for dipping, and a side of pasta salad. There is a sweet piece of homemade banana bread for dessert – of course there are some chocolate chips in there. Ooh and to fill that weird space in the middle we’ve got some pretzel goldfish to snack on. Yummy lunch!

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