Tomato Love – A tomato sauce canning tutorial

Do you love tomatoes as much as I do? Do you love tomatoes as much as a chicken? Could you eat tomatoes at every meal? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are right where you need to be. You, my friend, are in tomato love.

bowl-of-tomatoes-coming-up-rainbows tomato_mom_coming_up_rainbows tiny_tomato_harvest_coming_up_rainbows tomato_sauce_coming_up_rainbows tomato_slug_coming_up_rainbowscherry_tomato_stems_coming_up_rainbows

Our tomato crop did.not. mess around this year. Tomato pie, salsa, chili, tomato sauce, tomato soup, and just a freshly sliced, lightly salted, tomato are a few of my favorite things. The abundance¬†was welcome. When I say abundance, I’m talking hundreds and hundreds of pounds. I made gallons of sauce. My Instagram feed is really just a tomato feed. I filled our garage with a few hundred pounds of green tomatoes before the first frost hit on 10/6, and we are still eating tomatoes. You’ll hear no complaints from me.

In case this ever happens to you, the chicken lady has a pretty sweet water bath canning tutorial. It includes a pretty amazing song about tomatoes that her husband wrote. If you haven’t ventured into the canning world, and you want to, you only need a few simple supplies. And, you definitely need to watch this tomato sauce tutorial. Chickens are skilled canners.

I recommend scoping thrift stores and yard sales for canning equipment. I’ve scored a water bath canner full of supplies and a plethora of quart and pint jars for next to nothing. Ask your friends! They might have some jars or canning supplies collecting dust, you can fill those jars with delicious tomato love.

If you like this weird video, maybe you’ll like our sourdough tutorial, from the Rainbow Homestead. Or, maybe you’re really into tomatoes – follow our planting process and grow some of your own!

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