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Our summer has been amazing, a trip to Mexico in May, a trip to New Orleans in June, a trip to the Midwest in July and we are finally home to enjoy the last few weeks of summertime. We have spent almost every second in the backyard since our return. Montana summer is the best – not many bugs to speak of – cool nights – kiddie pool, water balloons and a sprinkler and we are happy campers!

Dragonfly Camp

Giant Puddle

The bugs in Wisconsin and Minnesota were horrid which has inspired me to repost this amazing bug repellent recipe. If you don’t have the ingredients and want them, let me know, I will hook you up.

Sprinkler Park

Sprinkle Jump


School time is rapidly approaching…

I have drifted during the summer months from my monthly oil posts and honestly I use my oils less frequently during the summer months as they are less needed. I find that I start laying them on pretty “thick” this time of year as my kiddos go back to school, fall sets in and more germs are passing through our world. I decided for August rather than an official ‘oil of the month’ I would revisit Thieves Essential Oil and talk about the Thieves line of products.

Why is Thieves Oil important to have on hand during the fall/winter months?

  • Colds and flus are most often contracted during this time of year and this oil is more than 95% effective in fighting viruses, that’s right I said viruses.
  • It fights bacteria.
  • It works both pro-actively and retro-actively. If you are using it preventatively you don’t want to use it every single day (take a day off every few days). If you are already sick it will shorten the length of your illness as well as the intensity of your symptoms.
  • It smells delightful, and it can be diffused and still have the same amazing benefits. It will kill viruses and bacteria floating in your air.

This list goes on and on but I will just direct you the handy booklet Young Living created and you can delve into more benefits there.

I should mention this oil is a blend of 5 oils: Rosemary, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata and Cinnamon. I don’t dilute this oil when using it with my kids. I tend to put it only on their feet so dilution isn’t really needed (my kids are 4 and 6). I dilute it a bit if I apply to their chests. It can be a bit hot, so if you get into a situation where it seems to be too much heat simply grab some olive oil or V-6 and apply over the top and all will be well in seconds. Water is not a good way to dilute oil – water will intensify your oil. This oil wouldn’t be good in the bathtub, especially for kiddos.

I use several of these products on a daily basis – the Thieves Foaming Hand Soap is a big favorite of mine. We have it at every sink in our house. I buy the refill when our dispensers run out and simply do a 1/2 water 1/2 concentrate mixture to fill them right back up. (Please remember the pricing varies if you are a member – you get 24% off of the retail price.)

To clean the rest of my house I often use the Thieves Household Cleanser. It too is concentrated so you dilute it with water and it really goes a long way. I used it to disinfect the office at my store today. I use it in the bathroom, kitchen, on windows, toilets, pretty much everywhere I can think of and it smells delightful.

For our mouths I like to use the Thieves Mouthwash and Dental Floss. I have the toothpaste but honestly am not a huge fan so I tend to use it when my other toothpaste runs out. I have friends that love it and reorder it every month or two. And believe it or not this spray is one of my favorite things to spray in my mouth if I have a sore throat or feel like I’m coming down with something. I know it says that is best used on doorknobs and toilet seats but I put it right down my throat (numbs it right up) and on my tongue. IT WORKS! I don’t put it in my kids’ mouths, I’m pretty sure they would think I was torturing them. I use it several times a day when I’m coming down with something and drink a bit of Emergen-c and I stop sick right in its tracks, it has worked so many times I can’t even keep track anymore.

Oooh and I don’t want to forget about the hand purifier. This stuff is amazing, it doesn’t have that strong alcohol scent that many other hand sanitizers have – it has Peppermint in it. It smells delightful. I keep it in my car, office, bag, and bring it with me on the airplane when we fly. If you get the three pack then you can have them in a mess of handy locations.

There is a ‘Start Living with Thieves (Enrollment Kit)’ and this might be just the way for you to tackle the fall/winter months and get your membership up and running. For anyone deciding to take this route this month and sign up for Essential Rewards I will give you a free bottle of Thieves Essential Oil. That is a screamin’ deal, if I don’t say so myself.

Another thing I ought to mention is that if you order 200PV or more during the month of August you get a free Essential 7 Kit and that will arm you well for the fall/winter months and give you something other than Thieves to fill your medicine cabinet (toolkit). This kit has Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, PanAway, Joy, Peace & Calming and Purification in it.

Gear up for a good healthy fall/winter and get your medicine cabinet stocked with essential oils that will keep you healthy this winter. And a quick reminder, the brand of oil you are purchasing is very important – you want purity and you can find it with these oils!

Happy Back to School Month!


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