Upset Belly

Happy Holidays! Whew it has been awhile. Mama woke up yesterday morning with a super stiff neck again – I think we need a new bed. I can barely turn my head even a full day later so I’m using Relieve It, the Deep Relief Roller, and PanAway like mad.
Now for the subject of this post – We had a little stomach bug living in our house it wasn’t too serious – although I guess August got it kind of bad. He threw up for about 24 hours on and off…but when we’d bust out the Di-Gize he would want to eat and could sleep peacefully. I diffused a lot of Peppermint in his bedroom also and put Thieves and Grapefruit Oil all over him and myself. I’ve heard that Grapefruit is great for killing stomach bugs. I also started drinking Lemon Oil in my water and drinking Emergen-C to avoid getting the bug myself. When Simon woke up feeling yucky a week later I thought for sure we were in for it again, but somehow we avoided it. I think the oils definitely played a big role. He was sitting on his bedroom floor not able to even get dressed he was feeling so lousy so we moved to the step stool in front of the toilet for a while. He had a watery mouth, would get sweaty then cold, and hung his little head over the toilet bowl for about 1/2 hour. He wanted to eat and go to school because it was the day of his Holiday Program and he wanted to show us his stuff…so Mama busted out the remedies. I gave him a tube of Oscillococcinum for kids (my kids call it the “ball medicine”) and then put a couple of drops of Di-Gize on his belly. He was better and eating – no joke – in about 20 minutes. He ate two meals and we headed to his program at lunchtime. I ended up putting some Thieves on him and Frankincense (of course) for the day and into the next day and he has been completely normal – fighting with Gus and has a healthy appetite.
So I’m certain we’ll all be healthy after the hustle and bustle and we’re all looking forward to Christmas Eve when our big break begins. I’m not sure there will be more posts before Christmas/New Year’s so I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and I’m hoping for a peaceful nation/world in 2010. Enjoy your oils!
I just got the Stress Away Roller and it RULES!

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