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After a tedious round of voting, and all kinds of debate, we had to select the winning beer drawing from the delightful submissions we received.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but the majority vote went to, number 4. I’ll say, with certainty, if Hoppy Lippy is a big seller, we’ll make the other three labels. The hops were harvested from our hood last summer, making this balm extra full of love.


Now, you can put it on your lips. Do you know about the benefits of Hops (besides beer)? It is a pretty amazing herb. It is full of anti-oxidants that are beneficial to your skin, giving your lips that youthful ‘beery’ glow. Hops is a great herb for inflammation and pain. It can help relax, sooth, and ease anxiety, so give your lips a (much deserved) emotional break today. The faint hoppy flavor will likely make this lippy balm one of your favorites.

We also just added Huckleberry to our Big Dipper Line up, so you can make that selection in the drop down when you’re making your delicious flavor choices.

Did you vote today? In this midterm election, your vote matters! If you made it to the polls, please use code IVOTED in the Rainbow Shop and save yourself 30% on the goodies. xo

Come see us, in person, at the following pop-ups this season.

  1. November 24th – Western Flea at Western Cider
  2. December 2nd – Cold Moon Collective at Montgomery Distillery
  3. December 7th – First Friday at Black Coffee Roasting Company
  4. December 9th – Missoula Holiday MADE Fair at the Adams Center

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