Wellness in the Winter

The holidays brought us down, physically. We closed our little shop on December 3rd and the our littlest kiddo got sick the next morning. We had a long month of sickness at our house. Although it wasn’t officially diagnosed, I’m pretty sure both of our kids ended up with influenza.


In spite of it all, we still managed to throw in some holiday cheer.

Our oils, without fail, ease us through whatever ailments come our way. We tend to plow through bottles during the winter months. We keep Peppermint and Frankincense on hand for fever ridden bodies, Thieves and Oregano for immune boosting, Melrose and Melaleuca for infections and too many more to list. It makes my job as a Mama easier knowing that there are some basic oils to keep on hand to keep my family healthy and happy.

I’ve decided with the big changes in our world to keep educating people about the uses of essential oils and sharing the simple knowledge that I have, as well as the testimonials I’ve acquired over the years. The most simple way to do this is via the interwebs. I will be holding some classes in an on line meeting place, and the first one will be at no cost to attendees. I am capping the class at 15 participants to make sure I have adequate time to answer questions that arise, but I will hold many more, if the response is positive. The problem with this forum and aromatherapy is the most important sense cannot be exercised. “Beginning Essential Oils” will be a basic intro course on how to use essential oils for personal and family wellness. In spite of not smelling through your computer speakers, if you’d like to join the class it will be held on February 19th at 7pm MST. Please contact me for sign-up info.

I’m offering a few specials for the month of February.

1. My good pal Dig is sharing oil testimonials on her blog today and we’re giving away some big smelly wellness gifts over there.

2. If you place an order in my oil store during the month of February that is $50, or more (before shipping and sales tax), I will mail you a free bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. If’ you’d like some assistance placing your order please message me.

3. If you want a free reference guide, sign up as a member this month by contacting me.

Side note: There is a new reference guide app available via the iTunes store or your Google Play Store – it is $6.99 and I am really excited about it – what a fantastic reference to have at your finger tips.

Be well!

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