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Simple Simon

Dino Sammy, Diced Apple and More

Dino peanut butter and jelly today, well for one kid, and some Star Wars action for the other….

Pretzel Sticks, Applesauce and More


We have a little lover of Star Wars in our family, well actually 4 lovers of Star Wars in our family, so why wouldn’t you buy the Star Wars Sandwich cutters?

[phpzon asin=”B0058VTD8G” country=”US” trackingid=”madeyourlunch-20″ templatename=”asin-tabs”]

I can’t seem to bring myself to waste that excess crust though so it surrounds the ship like debris floating through outer space. Diced apple chunks in both lunches, as well as 1/2 organic bananas. It is actually pretty safe to assume that most everything in the school lunches I pack are organic foods, sometimes I remember to mention it, other times I’m too lazy. Organic applesauce in the tiny cup, a handful of raisins for Simon, and a handful of Goldfish crackers for Gus, pretzel sticks for Simon (even though Gus likes them more), and a sliced up red apple to go with the diced up Granny Smith. And that wraps it up for the day. Oh don’t forget to take your vitamins.  Bon appetite!

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