A week of Love


Soba & Gyoza

I try to fill lunchboxes with extra love around this time of the year. Obviously, that is all I fill them with, obviously. But everyone loves a chocolate heart, a gummi heart, or a little extra red or pink in their lunch right now, amiright? Especially a 6 and 9 year old boy.

I like this one from love lunches past.

Up top we’ve got some gyoza and soba noodles, mostly because I’ll take whatever opportunity arises to put those cute little fish and pig sauce holders to use. Red apples, milk chocolate heart, red apples, heart gummies, vanilla lactose free yogurt, and a mini orange to wrap up the start to love week.

I will post more photos of “lovely” lunches on Instagram this week, follow us if you don’t.

Happy Love Week!



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