Antibiotic Alternative

In our over-medicated society it isn’t unheard of to be completely immune to a prescribed anti-biotic. Doctors are often times quick to prescribe something rather than letting the body naturally heal. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can be a real boost to the system and precisely what your body needs to heal itself.

Here is a recipe I recently came across that you can make yourself. You’ll need a few oils some empty gelcaps – contact me if you’d like me to order them for you. You can fill your capsule with the following to make your very own anti-biotic.

10 drops Thieves Essential Oil
4 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
2-4 drops Oregano Essential Oil

As usual I speak only of  my experiences using Young Living Essential Oils, if you are using other oils you’ll want to make sure they are safe to take internally. And – this isn’t information that is approved by the FDA. Everything you’ll read about on Mama Loves Oils is just from experiences I’ve had with my personal health and in my family. I’m not a doctor! And none of this is medical advice!

Happy Oiling! Happy Healing. Stock up on oils for the school year – quickly approaching. I always have some Thieves and Oregano in my cabinet this time of year!

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