Aroma Siez for April – No Foolin’

My Kids

Always before I begin I like to share a photo (whether it is relevant or not – these are my sweet boys releasing some praying mantises we hatched at a local green house. Although it is spring – it is still only about 40 degrees and much too cold for little baby mantids to live outdoors…so we graced a greenhouse with about 100 of them and we’ll be visiting throughout the spring and summer to check up on them. Now for the good stuff…

This oil is amazing sauce. Fer reals. I woke up with a kink in my neck the other morning, used this bad-boy a few times throughout the day and that kink was gone. This is on the advice of my good friend Sarah who douses herself in Aroma Siez when she has neck pain or back pain.

Aroma Siez

Shane has a wicked old pinched something under his shoulder blade right now and we’re working on it with Aroma Siez, PanAway and the Deep Relief Roller, pretty much as I type. I didn’t realize that a dull pain or even a sharp pain was something I didn’t have to live through until I found oils. I am not generally one to complain (at least I don’t think I am, some of you may beg to differ) but after finding Young Living Oils and using them on a regular basis to relieve ordinary everyday pains/aches/etc. It is much easier to live with whatever might come my/our way. The constant reminder that I like to give people is that these oils are volatile so they don’t stay in your system for long. But applying them frequently is magical.

Aroma Siez has Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Cypress and Marjoram in it. Many of these oils can be found in the Raindrop Kit and used in combination with Ortho-Ease Massage oil are relief-packed. We just used some V-6 last night instead of the Ortho-Ease and applying a hot compress atop these oils is a wonderful way to create relief.
There are many uses for Aroma Siez as with most of the oils I choose to discuss every month but some of the uses for this blend are: muscle relaxer, increase circulation, headache relief, good for stress, great for tight muscles, sore muscles, and it is an anti-inflammatory.

If you are having muscle spasms this is a great oil to apply and you put it on the afflicted area – sometimes that isn’t entirely clear – I often tell everyone to try oils on the bottoms of their feet, but this oil would be an exception to that rule (as are many others). Put this right on the pain.

It smells pretty delightful too, which is always a bonus in my book.

One of the oils you can get for free this month if you order 180 PV or more is Di-Gize and you just need to read that link to see what I think about this oil – I use it easily 4 times a week. You also get a free bottle of Life 5 (which I’m super excited about). I take a pro-biotic daily and this one I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, so I’ll let you know what I think.

Since I began this post about a week ago I’m going to send it now, a few days after the first, but am I ever really on time? PS Shane’s shoulder pain is completely gone. Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention about this oil is it is good for tired bodies and especially tired feet. Ahh.

Simon and the Mantises


Happy Spring!




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