Aromatherapy and Kids

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Just wanted to take a moment to express my love for this book. I use it all of the time when I use oils with Simon and Gus. It has so many wonderful things in it to help you and is very descriptive down to the most intimate detail. Valerie Ann Worwood is one of my favorite aromatherapy authors. Her opinions differ from mine a bit, but after finding this book, it felt very freeing to be able to share knowledge with friends about oils they could use with their kids because she suggested the how tos. It wasn’t just coming from me and my personal experiences anymore. Sometimes validation is important, especially when you are dealing with essential oils – knowing what is safe and what isn’t. I’ve probably used oils with my kids that I shouldn’t have. They are still alive and kickin’, but this book gives me confidence. I have used it treat warts, fungus, skin problems, cuts, ear infection, bug bites, and all kinds of ailments that my wees are afflicted with. She has amazing oil blend recipes in here that I love, or maybe never would have thought to combine, and after combining them I’m in love.

This book covers pretty much every childhood ailment you can imagine and how to treat it using aromatherapy. Worwood goes into detail on using hydrosals (essential oil waters), and treating symptoms. Treating the symptom is so important to me, I prefer this method over western medicine’s desire to “diagnose” any day. Now you can fix coughs, colds, infections and a wide array of other things at home using this tool and your essential oils…that you hopefully get from me (or Young Living), so you know they are safe and therapeutic grade. There is even a section on mental health and special needs children in this book. I think if you have it, you will be happy with it. It is an indispensable guide for every parent who thinks pro-actively about their children’s physical and mental health.

Afterall nothing is more important than your kids.

Gus and Simon



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