Berries – Strawberry and Blueberry and More

Berries - Strawberry and Blueberry and More

Of course there is more to the lunch than just berries. Hungry child cannot survive on berries alone (although mine would beg to differ). Chips and Hummus is another favorite around our house. If I open a container for an afternoon snack and turn around 5 minutes later that container is empty! The burrito is filled with beans, beef (taco-seasoned style), cheese and lettuce. The apples, applesauce and a vitamin pile wrap up the meal for today.

Thinwich and More

I almost forgot about version two – this is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Thinwich (Gus decided he wasn’t into a burrito for today), a 1/2 banana and the rest is the same as Simon’s lunch. Enjoy!

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