Boil Fix with Essential Oil

Sounds a little bit worse than it is…but a sweet oil user told me it was okay to share this –
“I had a nasty boil on my ear from wearing the wrong earrings. Anyway, I
tried everything for several days … Neosporin and hot Epsom Salt
compresses! I had decided to go to the doctor today if it wasn’t better.. Last
night I rubbed Thieves Oil on the ear ~ straight. It smarted just a bit!
This morning the boil (that had been hard as a popcorn kernel and just about
as large! Really!!) was much softer and draining. Now, its 75% smaller,
and healing nicely! Great stuff, huh???”

There you have it. A first hand account from someone other than me. I love other people’s stories so please share them! I’ll put them on the blog and I get to learn from them!

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