Carrot Seed & Celery Seed for November


There are handful of new oils that Young Living has just recently start providing. German Chamomile is one of them that I’m super excited about, but I decided I’d focus on these other two before I delve into the Chamomile world again.

One quick photo of my kids and some of their sweetest friends on a colorful day in Missoula. I love living here so much!

Fall Day

And we love carrots!

carrot nose

Carrot Seed oil is a new oil that Young Living now offers. It is one of my new favorites. I decided to combine Celery Seed and Carrot Seed into one post simply to let you know that both are now offered through Young Living. Carrot Seed and Celery Seed are both amazing liver cleansers. They can be taken internally – in a capsule or as a dietary supplement. I always like to make sure I explain that I am by no means a medical professional and I am not giving medical advice, simply discussing ways to use these oils in your life and ways that I love to use oils for myself and my family…so….

If you have a congested liver, maybe you want some carrot seed or celery seed?

Carrot seed essential oil can also be used externally. You can simply rub oil on the location of your liver (right side under your rib cage). Your liver is where you store anger, if you aren’t able to release anger your liver could be in ‘need of this seed.’

Carrot seed has been traditionally used for kidney and digestive disorders. It is an antiparasitic, antiseptic, depurative, diuretic, and a vasodilatory. It is an amazing oil for your skin – mix a bit in with your facial cream – this might be just the ticket to smoothing wrinkles and a regeneration tool. It is an oil that is best suited for normal or dry skin. My sweet friend Anna at Apothecary Esthetics uses this oil in a serum she created, if you need/want a facial I highly recommend you go here. It is a wonderful tool if you are retaining water. Carrot seed is a detoxifyer and can aid in detoxifying your blood, tissues, muscles and internal organs.

Young Living has a much more eloquent description of this oil: ‘Carrot seed (Daucus carota) essential oil has a mildly sweet aroma with earthy, herbaceous hints. Traditionally, it has been used for digestive complaints due to its tonic properties. This oil also has historical use in aromatherapy for joint conditions.’

Carrot Seed Oil

This oil is steam distilled from dried carrot seeds and it smells the way my hands do after I dig those buggers out of my garden. I am pretty into it…and I just got it a week ago.  It comes in a 5 ml bottle and more info can be found here.


Celery Seed is also helpful in digestion, liver cleansing, and urinary tract support. Both of these oils are diuretics increasing urination, each time you urinate you are ridding your body of toxins. Celery seed is also said to increase milk flow in nursing mothers. It is an antibacterial, antioxidant, and antirheumatic as well. It can be used for arthritis/rheumatism and should be taken internally (diluted) to reduce physical discomforts.

Celery Seed

If you’d like more information about these oils please contact me, but you can also find the link to Celery Seed here. Pricing varies depending upon membership. I am always happy to include your oils on my monthly order. My next order processes on the 7th of December, but I can order before then if the need arises.

The holidays are right around the corner and I will be hosting an Oil Open House with some products for sale that night…date to be determined.

If anyone would like to book a holiday party Young Living has a lot of fun things in their seasonal catalog this year, available for a limited time only and those items makes delicious gifts for anyone on your list. A generous gift will be given to each party host/hostess.

Happy Holidays!


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