Cleansing Day 3


I decided I’d post at the end of today instead of the beginning – some weird psychological thing – makes me feel so much closer to the end of my 5 day nutritive cleanse. So I’m about to fall asleep while I’m typing but it isn’t because of the cleanse it is because my day was filled – like they usually are – and don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for that fullness (usually). I’m doing alright I think, I had an investment club meeting tonight and resisted the temptation of all of the delicious food I prepared and set out for my co-investors…since I hosted. Tonight was actually the main reason I almost postponed my cleanse…but I forged through, so I’m happy. I could really use some hummus though!

I’ve been feeling hungry – I’m not gonna lie to you. I found myself a little bit on edge today. I snapped at Simon tonight (granted he slid down our slide full speed into his brother, on purpose) and laid in bed with him apologizing and then told him I could probably eat his arms if he wanted me to. I was immediately forgiven with giggles – but cleansing with two kids, a husband, a store, investment club meeting, knitting blog, crafting blog, lunch blog, a house that needs to be cleaned constantly but especially before people show up, laundry coming out my ears, and an oil business is a little bit tricky. Mama likes to eat food. And she will in just two more days. I know for sure at this point that if I hadn’t publicly announced my cleanse to each and everyone of you that might be reading out there – I probably would’ve caved. I’ll be happy when it is over and I’m all cleaned out!

I haven’t really been pooping – none of the  toothpaste poop (that I was forewarned of). I pee constantly but that is because I drink water constantly – it fills my belly for a few minutes. The instructions for the cleanse tell me that by day 3 my cravings will be gone – um wrong. I’ve been mixing the Balance Complete with water, which I may have already mentioned but that is just because the mixture with milk tasted too thick. I am finding however that after I drink my magical shake if I do wait a few minutes, as suggested, I’m full. I start to get really hungry though about an hour or so before I drink my shake. I fall asleep hungry, but wake up not hungry. The Ningxia Red is definitely giving me energy – I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off cleaning my house this afternoon and didn’t tire. The capsules – I’m not sure what exactly they are doing but I can taste Peppermint (which I’m into) and that is in the Digest & Cleanse Capsules. So I guess overall – so far so good – just really hard to resist the food at dinnertime. Everything smells so delicious!

The great part about the end of the day is I can say only 2 more days to go and I can really mean it – posting about my progress in the morning is for the birds.

P.S. my apple blossom photos are a little bit out of order, just pretend I posted this one before the Cleansing Day 1 post.

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