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Saschy's Sweater Hand Knit Hat

I’ve been wanting to share my love for this Mama for a while now. She had the most perfect, beginning of February, post today and she shared something incredibly crafty that she just finished. Obviously this isn’t her first crafty project – who could start with this project…really? She’s amazing. She crafts, invents, parents in a way that I adore, plus she’s pretty adorable. She and my friend Natalie created this feelings based empathy game together and successfully sell it across the planet.  We have the poster hanging on the wall at home and we use it as a tool to talk about how we are feeling and it works wonders, when we are loyal to it.


Sometimes my boys can’t quite tell me what is going on with their emotions and the illustrations are incredibly helpful.  I wanted to really focus on the ‘crafts’ this amazing Mama kicks out, and I guess really, when you get down to the nitty gritty, she’s a lot more than crafty or maybe ‘crafty’ can be all encompassing.

Kris's Kids

This prompted me to look for the definition of ‘craft’ and I found “an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, esp. manual skill: the craft of a mason.” The craft of a parent? For those of you that are parents, that is pretty impossible to wrap your mind around – at least it is for me. Going through life, giving your whole self to other beings that are parts of you, not necessarily “belonging” to you but being responsible for their well-being. It is all a craft. I think it is amazing that parents can find time to do things like knit this beautiful cardigan and knit a hat to gift to someone and create an empathy tool for people, and still devote time, energy and thoughtfulness into being the best parent they can possibly be. I’m impressed with each blog post Kris shares and take her words, thoughts and actions to heart. I incorporate many of her thoughts into my life as a parent of two of the sweetest boys on earth. I really do try my best to keep my ‘craft’ going. I knit, I sew, I cook, I work, I clean, I love, I listen and I do my best to be the best at job #1 = Mama.

It is the best feeling in the world to make something for your kids. And then having them love that creation makes it a treasure. Thanks for being such an inspiration Kris. xo

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