Crafty Mama Night

My Goodies

This is what I packed when I headed to Erin‘s house.

We tried for a while to have a weekly crafting night, it always seems to come and go, I love it when it happens and it seems like everyone else present is happy to have the wine, chatty women and company while crafting, so I’m not sure why it is so hard to keep things crackin’. I took some photos during one of our crafty nights.

The Necessities Julie Julie Sews Erin Model

Everyone did their own thing and of course sometimes you needed a model the same size as a child – luckily Erin hosted!


The Js Happy Joanna

My Knit Hat

I was working on this hat, which actually was completed forever ago and you can find somewhere on Mama Loves Knitting…but I think mainly it was/is about the company and just having an excuse to MAKE yourself be creative. Thought I would share some of the photos of just a few of my crafty friends as I sit here pining away for another craft night.

Any suggestions from anyone out there on how to keep the ball rolling? I guess we could collaborate on a project which required us to get together once a week or every other week. Hmm. Denver Craft Ninjas how do you keep it real? Let’s start a club!

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