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Ruby Margot
I’m featuring another super sweet crafty friend of mine today, and she has so many crafts that I think it impossible to touch on them all. I’m going to share her lovely blog with all of you and you can discover her crafts on your own. And, of course, her etsy shop and if you take the moment to look at any of it, I guarantee you’ll LOVE it! She’s so incredibly talented, I am constantly inspired by her and she takes some pretty incredible photos to share her world with us. She’s a Montana Native and has two sweet little girls Ruby and Margot and she and her husband Andy are both artists. I never even told you her name – Nici!  They have a pretty beautiful life together and hearing about it makes me happy. Since this is my craft blog though I suppose I better get to the craft(s).

Montana T Minnesota T Florida T

You’ll see many of her creations in her Etsy shop but she makes these adorable appliqued tees that you can personalize with your very own state! She fuses a hand-cut silhouette of the state of your choice and stitches it on to a soft tee shirt. Smart little cookie huh? She uses American Apparel Tees (which are the best in my opinion), all cotton and of course a whole lotta love is included in each lovely garment. Every crafter puts love/soul into their art, at least everyone I know. So…I’ll be brief since Nici is much more eloquent with words than I. Check out her bloggity blog for all kinds of gardening, child rearing, chicken raising, story telling and art loving entertainment. Beware though, you’ll completely fall in love with her family and her life. She’s crafty and I love her.

Happy Crafting!

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