Earth Day Giveaway

Earth Month serves as a poignant reminder of our planet’s fragility. At Coming Up Rainbows we consider our planet first with every product we concoct/offer. We use eco-friendly packaging, share our recipes so you can reuse your containers, ethically harvest plants, and minimize waste through the reuse of shipping materials, glass bottles, and even fabric scraps. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the collective effort. We strive to minimize the burden on landfills. We recognize that our individual choices hold the power to effect meaningful change on a global scale.

We teamed up with two other like-minded women-led businesses to create a pretty amazing prize package. Enter by 5/1 & spread the word for extra entries! Visit Dig&Co. AND KeliGREEN online to learn more about these rad earth-lovin’ businesses.

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